>> Bruno is in Milan — that's Sacha Baron Cohen's gay Austrian fashion show presenter alter-ego — and he's filming for his upcoming movie at Fashion Week.  It all started Wednesday, backstage at Iceberg, where he threw himself on the floor, dragged down a rack of clothes that stuck to his Velcro-trimmed outfit, and appeared to tear off his clothes until security removed him.

Yesterday morning, he tried to hit up Dsquared, but was blocked by security, and yesterday evening he tried to crash Versace, dressed all in McQueen, but was denied again — the Italian Chamber of Fashion has sent out a press release to designers, warning them not to accredit Cohen's film production companies, after all.

Unfortunately, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada didn't get the memo . . . »

Unfortunately, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada didn't get the memo, and this morning, "Bruno" appeared on her runway as a big black-cloaked lump, stumbling around until he revealed himself, dressed in a huge bundle of clothing. A laughing security guard unsuccessfully tried to yank him off the catwalk as he walked among the models until the lights went down and police could escort him away.

A video of the incident below.

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