It has been a hustling and bustling few weeks for the fashion flock as they make their biannual global Hajj to circle the style capitals of the world and much of that frenetic pace has been exacerbated by the heightened sense of drama with retirements, replacements, and anniversaries, thus it was something of a relief to finally have serenity at Yohji Yamamoto.

It was quiet, calm, reverential clothing that will allow true lovers of Yamamoto's keen sense of clean design to pray at the alter of Spring 2009.  Wonderful tailoring with hints of his classic asymmetry, it was a collection of middle proportions and balanced clothing options with both separates and dresses on offer. And for those that following merchandising and licencing deal each look had a brand new pair of sunglasses. If this is what it takes to pay the bills for a collection so collected we promise to pick up two pairs.