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Did You Catch Sex and the City 2?

After all the excitement, all the build-up, the highly anticipated Sex and the City 2 debuted on Thursday. I'll allow BuzzSugar to size up the plot but the wardrobe was beyond fantastical. Carrie even made a record-breaking number of outfit changes: 48! Did you catch the the flick yet? What did you think?

Photos courtesy of Warner Bros.

Kathleen2955203 Kathleen2955203 5 years
I loved this movie and thought it was much more fun than the first....more like the series with the girls hanging out and having their fun "girl time."  The first moving was too depressing to me with Steve and Miranda and Carrie and Big.  I miss the series and all the great girlfriend stories and escapades and thought the second movie was more like that.  Pure fantasy in the middle east and I loved it! 
rockprincess rockprincess 7 years
Loved the movie; it was pure fantasy. Exactly what I go to the movies for!
risqueredhead risqueredhead 7 years
I could not care less about Sex and the City.
shortcutstofabulous shortcutstofabulous 7 years
I loved the movie...favorite part was went Samantha went crazy in the market! I will be watching that part over and over again on DVD!!! I think if you never understood why Carrie was still with Big after everything he did to her will understand with this movie. I was always in the "She should've been with Aidan" camp until this movie.
myystque myystque 7 years
I like SATC but the previews for this movie look awful. I have absolutely no desire to see it.
tpage tpage 7 years
I'm a big SATC fan and I didn't like the movie. I don't think it helped that I watched a couple of the seasons of the TV show this week while I was home with a sinus infection. In comparison to the tv show (and even the first movie) I think there was definitely something missing, and if I heard one more lame pun during the movie I was going to scream. I like the series because the writing was smart. witty, and sexy, but that's definitely not how I'd describe the second movie. There were some funny, touching parts (like Charlotte and Miranda talking about motherhood) but they were too far and few between to make up for the rest of the movie. I'm wondering it the fact that Michael Patrick King wrote the movie himself w/o a team of writers who included women who shared their life experiences had something to do with the movie falling flat (if you listen to the commentary on the dvds of the series you find out that a lot of things that happened to characters on the tv show happened in some form to one of the writers).
barbiesugar barbiesugar 7 years
It was so much better than the first! I like how it was a bit more low key, and less immature. I also like how it was more like the tv show.
BellaTorro BellaTorro 7 years
Loved the fashion that's about it wish the story line was better.
hfxshopgirl hfxshopgirl 7 years
i hated didn't do the series justice. it was a fun, girly movie, but disappointing in the context of the series
RosaDilia RosaDilia 7 years
The movie was OK, I think Samantha made the movie worthwhile. I Was not impressed by the fashions and the whole Aidan storyline was weak and I was expecting Smith Jarrod to have a meaningful role in the movie. The movie was long and the dialogue was boring.
justkategia justkategia 7 years
Honestly, I didn't like it. The movie was visually pleasing, but the story was so contrived and stereotypical. It was also way too long. I was a big fan of the show, but this movie was just bad bad bad.
nibbie17 nibbie17 7 years
I thought the movie was OK, even as an avid SATC fan. There were a lot of corny scenes and I feel as if they were relying on the glitz and glamour to carry the movie instead of the story line. I loved Samantha tho, she was TOO funny.
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