A Sex and the City Tribute: The Fendi Baguette
A Sex and the City Tribute: The Fendi Baguette

Sure, when in episode 47 of season three of Sex and the City, when Carrie Bradshaw pleaded with a thief — "They're my favorite pair. I got them half price at a sample sale" — it sounded like she cared more about her Manolo Blahnik strappy sandals than her purple sequined Fendi Baguette. But when that robber ran away with her fabulous purse, we could feel her sadness through the tube. As a tribute to one of Carrie's favorite bags, I tracked down all Fendi Baguettes out there, old and new. Perhaps it will inspire you to get in on the revived trend. I did recently with a black pony-hair Baguette!

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