A Sex and the City Tribute: Manolo Blahnik
A Sex and the City Tribute: Manolo Blahnik

Will Carrie end up being the old woman who lived in her shoes? It's just a matter of time before the movie reveals the truth! Such was Carrie's fear at one point in the series, when she found herself down and out in NYC. She was getting evicted and upon seeking financial salvation she realized how much money she had actually spent on her Manolos over the years — lots.

That wasn't the only Manolo reference on the show. You may recall the other status accessory Carrie favored, the Fendi baguette, was stolen along with a pair of Manolos she had scored at a sample sale. As well, the plaid pair she bought to up her height to compete with her nemesis Natasha. Oh! And when she had to take her shoes off for her friend's party and they got stolen, so she "registered" at the Manolo store to get her pair back. Shall I go on? The giddy scene in the Vogue fashion closet when she raced for a pair of "Oh my god, Manolo Blahnik Mary Janes, an urban shoe myth." Who can resist the beautifully crafted, lightweight, slender shoe? Not Carrie.

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