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Shala Monroque, Crusader for Kitten Heels

>> Shala Monroque, with her propensity for kitten-heeled shoes — "I don't have a high threshold for pain. I have to have comfortable shoes" — and madcap mixmastering has earned her quite a few fashion fans. "Ironically," she tells Harper's Bazaar, "some of the outfits that receive the most attention from the fashion crowd are the ones that are a little off."

31-year-old St. Lucian Monroque, who is Pop's editor at large (and Pop editor Dasha Zhukova's best friend), has lived in Manhattan for the past ten years, although she apparently spends less than six months a year in her Upper East Side residence — due to her jetsetting lifestyle.

Zhukova, Miuccia <nobrand>Prada</nobrand> on Monroque »

She doesn't like to pack, however, and instead improvises, as Zhukova tells it: "One time, Shala was hosting a party for a designer whose clothes she didn't have in this particular remote location. In order to be politically correct, she found a random piece of fabric, belted it, and turned it into a cute minidress."

Miuccia Prada is also a friend (and fan): "[Shala] has an incredible sense of fashion, and, more importantly, it's all very instinctive and natural. It's really a gift."

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