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Shoe Buying Tips

If the Shoe Fits

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes? Check out these cool shoe tips from OnSugar blog Teenage Shopaholic.

Finding the perfect shoe — be it heels, flats, tennis shoes, or flip flops — can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. But with the right knowledge — which shoes make your legs longer and which give you bad ankles — finding the right shoe is as easy as reading this blog. So to help you out, I've created a (semi-) brief guide:


  • Round-toed heels can (sometimes) make your feet look like hooves
  • Tan heels make your legs look longer

  • Black heels against pale white skin does not look good — so wear nude stockings
  • Strappy heels work against people with larger ankles (or cankles, in the nicest way possible!)
  • Pointy-toed heels can be a pain (unless, of course, you have narrow toes!), but they can do wonders for your feet
  • Very high heels (that is, 5 inches or more) can ruin perfectly good posture
  • Heeled boots that rise to the mid-calf or more can elongate the legs, but ankle-height boots visually chop the legs in half.

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  • Ballet flats flatter everyone
  • Flats are the perfect place to add a pop of color to your outfit
  • For a casual flat, try a sneaker flat
  • For a dressy flat, find a silver or black patent style
  • If your flat is flapping off your ankle in the back, stuff a cotton ball in the toe — or buy a new pair
  • Never wear suede flats in spring/summer – stick to patent/ rubbed leather
  • Avoid straw/ woven flats at all costs — they scratch up and ruin your feet

Tennis Shoes

  • Any shoe that promises to tone you up is uncomfortable
  • It is best to get a shoe with a large, strong heel so it can absorb impact
  • To add style to your tennis shoes, buy a pair with a neutral and a color
  • A pair of slim, cleat-like tennis shoes (without the spikes) can be worn anywhere
  • Make sure the laces are long enough to tie — but not too long

Flip Flops

  • Before wearing flip flops anywhere, make sure they don’t dig into the top of your feet
  • Flip flops with a small platform (wedge) dress up the usually casual shoe
  • Beaded/ sparkled flip flops are also good for dress up — or day-to-day wear
  • Havaianas are one of the best brands for flip flops
  • Never, never wear socks with flip flops (or heels, for that matter)

I hope this lets you know what to look for — and how to avoid certain things — when shoe shopping!


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