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Shoe Buying Tips

If the Shoe Fits

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes? Check out these cool shoe tips from OnSugar blog Teenage Shopaholic.

Finding the perfect shoe — be it heels, flats, tennis shoes, or flip flops — can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. But with the right knowledge — which shoes make your legs longer and which give you bad ankles — finding the right shoe is as easy as reading this blog. So to help you out, I've created a (semi-) brief guide:


  • Round-toed heels can (sometimes) make your feet look like hooves
  • Tan heels make your legs look longer

  • Black heels against pale white skin does not look good — so wear nude stockings
  • Strappy heels work against people with larger ankles (or cankles, in the nicest way possible!)
  • Pointy-toed heels can be a pain (unless, of course, you have narrow toes!), but they can do wonders for your feet
  • Very high heels (that is, 5 inches or more) can ruin perfectly good posture
  • Heeled boots that rise to the mid-calf or more can elongate the legs, but ankle-height boots visually chop the legs in half.

Read the rest of her tips after the jump.


  • Ballet flats flatter everyone
  • Flats are the perfect place to add a pop of color to your outfit
  • For a casual flat, try a sneaker flat
  • For a dressy flat, find a silver or black patent style
  • If your flat is flapping off your ankle in the back, stuff a cotton ball in the toe — or buy a new pair
  • Never wear suede flats in spring/summer – stick to patent/ rubbed leather
  • Avoid straw/ woven flats at all costs — they scratch up and ruin your feet

Tennis Shoes

  • Any shoe that promises to tone you up is uncomfortable
  • It is best to get a shoe with a large, strong heel so it can absorb impact
  • To add style to your tennis shoes, buy a pair with a neutral and a color
  • A pair of slim, cleat-like tennis shoes (without the spikes) can be worn anywhere
  • Make sure the laces are long enough to tie — but not too long

Flip Flops

  • Before wearing flip flops anywhere, make sure they don’t dig into the top of your feet
  • Flip flops with a small platform (wedge) dress up the usually casual shoe
  • Beaded/ sparkled flip flops are also good for dress up — or day-to-day wear
  • Havaianas are one of the best brands for flip flops
  • Never, never wear socks with flip flops (or heels, for that matter)

I hope this lets you know what to look for — and how to avoid certain things — when shoe shopping!

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TeenFashionsta TeenFashionsta 7 years
I know that many of you disagree with some of my suggestions, but they are exactly that. Suggestions. They are also my opinion. And, on top of everything else, the suggestions are derived from what other people have told me. Sorry if you disagree, but thanks for reading, anyway!
SofiaNolan SofiaNolan 7 years
if the shoe fits and matches the handbag + outfit, what more can you wish for?
elizabethsosewn elizabethsosewn 7 years
WARNING: THIS IS A RANT. I seriously disagree with this. Black heels look good on pale people, you just gotta be comfortable with your skin, no matter what color. I personally love wearing black with my very pale skin. It looks good. How can pointy toed heels do wonders for your feet? squishing your toes together doesn't benefit anything on your body. it doesn't even make your legs look any longer than round toe platforms would. I don't see how 5+ inches ruins posture. When wearing heels I make sure I'm standing up straight, but maybe that's just me? I actually REALLY disagree with the boots comment. Tall boots tend to make the eye see the line cut through the middle of your legs where the boots end. But i don't think short boots make your legs look long either. I also hate wedge flip flops. they're tacky. Also you can wear any shoe in summer. suede included. just not a super dark color. I know a few teachers who were the sketchers shape ups and I don't think they'd be wearing them if they were uncomfortable. Also everyone knows the best brand of Flip Flops is Rainbow. BUT I 100% agree with the no sock and sandals comment. bleugh.
sourcherry sourcherry 7 years
Well, I disagree with a few of these, but especially with the one about flip flops with wedges... Really, they're tackiest shoes ever!
redchick152 redchick152 7 years
i love the whole socks w/ sandals trend going on right now!
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 7 years
Hey now, I have a pair of the Shape Ups by Skechers, and they're REALLY comfortable.
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