These two sisters, Julia and Natalia Alarcon, have experience at Oscar de la Renta and Phi to back them up--though their design experience only began in 2005, when they enrolled at Parson's New School together. We first heard about their line, Lialia, at the Fresh Faces Gen Art fashion show this season. Lialia started the show off on a strong note and we were intrigued by the duo. Today, while going through the lovely brands at Edite Showroom, we met Lialia again. This Spring 09 there were no washed out colors or unabashed silhouettes, the mood was decided and strong--something we are not surprised to see from a two Oscar de la Renta and Phi alums. Click below to see our showroom snapshots of the Spring 09 Lialia collection, and, click here for the Fresh Faces Gen Art Spring 09 video clip.