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Spring Fashion
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Simply Fab: C-String Invisible Underwear

We've all heard of G-Strings....but C-Strings? Yup! Just when we thought every kind of panty had already been invented, they come out with this C-String Invisible Underwear, $21.

Before you freak out, give me a minute to explain the photo on your right. Instead of having to deal with annoying underwear lines, this C-String provides coverage without the panty straps. You can even wear it in a tanning bed (tisk) and you won't get tan lines!

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Here's how it stays: C-String has a flexible internal frame that hugs and holds it to your body. At the front it looks like a normal sexy underwear and to the rear it has a thong-style strip.

To learn more, watch a video about the C-String.

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nymphaelle nymphaelle 3 years
Because having underwire bras isnt torturous enough, we have to put underwire in our knickers too... and then literally shove them up our bums to keep them there.... this is what happens when you let men design things for womens bodies... they dont care how uncomfortable this crap is because they dont have to wear it
orenji orenji 4 years
For those of you wondering, VPL is Visible Panty Line. I googled it, as you should learn to do, also. lol...
jjey jjey 5 years
personally, i like showing off my g-string line a little. makes the guys go crazy, and my bf loves playing with it ;) if i was really worried about lines, i would just go commando. this is dumb.   
kinkihair kinkihair 7 years
that's like a maxi pad with wires. wouldn't it be easier to go commando?
jennellc85 jennellc85 9 years
i don't think i could wear this at all...
else411 else411 9 years
hahaha, the comments have me giggling out loud at work.
Asche Asche 9 years
Asche Asche 9 years
Black-Mamba Black-Mamba 9 years
what do you all mean with vpl?!
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
OMG!!! :JAWDROP: If I'm wearing something tight enough to show my VPL, then you can be sure I'll be in Spanx!
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
OMG!!! :JAWDROP: If I'm wearing something tight enough to show my VPL, then you can be sure I'll be in Spanx!
shoey_1984 shoey_1984 9 years
Whats the point? That is a waste of money. Might as well just go commando rather than wear that little piece of fabric!
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 9 years
I'd rather have VPL...
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 9 years
I'd rather have VPL...
Black-Mamba Black-Mamba 9 years
I can't believe this, it's better to go without a panty than to have this firm thing between your legs! Not that I don't like firm things, especially between my legs, but I thought of something other... *LOL* I guess it hurts if you're riding the bike...
prosecco-in-the-park prosecco-in-the-park 9 years
I watched the video on the website. It looked uncomfortable. I think it's a good idea in theory but it's probably like those nu-bras, annoying once you have it on for more than an hour.
bleu-skittle bleu-skittle 9 years
Wow. I officially have NO words. Nope. None.
SparklinSeahorSe SparklinSeahorSe 9 years
hahahaha omg this post is awesome.
anabananaconda anabananaconda 9 years
EWWWWW, i'll pass.
anabananaconda anabananaconda 9 years
EWWWWW, i'll pass.
taylorbath taylorbath 9 years
Too funny! The video is great. LOL.
MissAntipodea MissAntipodea 9 years
I will never look at a headband in the same way again.
clarkware clarkware 9 years
LMAO that is the funniest, most useless thing I've ever seen! First of all, I don't get how it won't move while you're walking. Secondly, if you're that concerned about pantylines wear a seamless thong! What if the "grips" boomerang off and hit your s/o in the face? ; )
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