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Simply Fab: Insolia Shoe Inserts

Whether or not you like to admit it, high heels kill after wearing them for a long period of time. Insolia, whose slogan is "Science Meets Sexy," has come up with a solution for aching feet.

With Insolia shoe inserts ($20 for 3-pack) your weight is shifted from the ball of your foot to the heel. It makes you feel as though you're wearing lower heels. The product is so popular, designers like DKNY are making shoes with the Insolia insole already in them!

Not convinced? Read customer testimonials and a doctor's explanation. Then give your poor feet a rest.

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RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
Thanks fabsugar, but I already new the brand name. I was asking if chanelope's insole where the same brand.
emalove emalove 9 years
I'll be trying these for sure! I agree with PeachBellini that those Dr. Scholl's gel pads are super uncomfortable. I hate them!
PeachBellini PeachBellini 9 years
Yuck, I was waiting for someone to say Dr. Scholl's. I hate the gel insoles from Dr. Scholl's. They make my shoes too tight and they don't work... my feet just kill while they are sitting on a gel cushion instead of on the shoe. I would not recommend Foot Petals either. I liked them because they were cute but i didn't notice much of a difference but i figured it must help and then i stumbled upon Insolia and i can tell a big difference between the two. Non believers go to CVS and get a pair. :)
Fashion Fashion 9 years
RoyalBlueMoss: the brand is Insolia! xo.
dianam dianam 9 years
I have worn these for awhile and they help but only a little. Think about this - you cannot shift weight to the heel of your foot while wearing high heels - it's not physically possible! But it helps a little in keeping your feet from sliding forward. I like Dr. Scholl gel pads for the balls of your feet - but of course those will make your shoes slightly smaller.
uberaubs uberaubs 9 years
This are totally great, I love them. They don't make your heels your new running shoe or anything, but it definitely feels like a lower, more manageable heel. You can tell the difference right away.
sassychick sassychick 9 years
I have these in about five pairs of my shoes, and they are simply amazing. They definitely make a difference if you wear heels.
looseseal looseseal 9 years
I tried on some of the shoes with the built in insolia, and for me the Millie's Vago shoes are a good fit... the inserts are at just the right spot to support my foot. The Marks and Spencer shoes just aren't quite right. So I'm not sure if the shoes with built in insolia are a good idea, really, because at least with the inserts you can adjust it until it's in the right spot for your foot. Everybody have different feet, and if the way a particular brand of shoes placed the insolia doesn't work for your particular feet, there's nothing much you can do to fix it. Keep in mind, it's not something to magically turn your killer heels into something with sneaker-level comfort. It just make the heels less killing. Which is better than nothing, I guess. Of course, that's only based on trying on shoes with insolia for a little while, I have yet to put it to the real test with a full day of wear on cement sidewalks and up and down stairs. I'm going to get the inserts. It's all sold out around here so I had to ask for the shoe store to let me know when they get some more in.
PeachBellini PeachBellini 9 years
I have tried them and they def work! I am the biggest cheerleader for Insolia. Don't expect that they will turn your heels into slippers, but you will notice much less pain and be able to wear your shoes for longer with out hobbling down the street :)
GibsonGIrl GibsonGIrl 9 years
paine paine 9 years
must try.
chanelope chanelope 9 years
They helped, but after awhile (we started prom stuff at like 5, and I took my shoes off by 9 or 10), my feet started hurting. Normally, my heels are off once pictures are done, haha. My shoes were really high though (like 4 or 5 inches?)... And I agree with estrela, they're definitely weird at first because they're hard plastic, but they help.
estrela estrela 9 years
I tried these the other day. They felt weird at first, but then I got used to them, and they definately helped.
Erica-Kane Erica-Kane 9 years
I agree beauty is pain haha. My feet hardly ever hurt anyway when I wear heels all day. I live in heels so I guess I'm just used to it but I did try these just to see what the outcome would be and I have to say they worked very well for me. I liked them a lot and will probably add more to some of my other shoes.
BrokeandFabulous BrokeandFabulous 9 years
Beauty is pain ladies, but heck if it can knock off a couple of hrs of pain I will give it a try. Has anyone else tried it?
Rachel419 Rachel419 9 years
These sound great. I would love to get some for a semi-formal dance that I'm going to in the next couple weeks, where can I get some?
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
chanelope, They didn't work? Was it this brand too?
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I need these!!
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Say what!!! I need to try these puppies out :P
chanelope chanelope 9 years
I used these for prom... They worked for the first couple of hours (during pictures and such), but after a while, my feet started hurting anyways... Definitely didn't last through dancing
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
I'd def buy these because I only wear heels (except when I'm running, of course).
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