You have got to love the packaging behind the new Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Lipstick, $23. You will never have to search around your purse again because this tube is bold and clear! This line is an entirely new concept in lipstick technology. The company has developed a pigment for unlimited variations in colors that promise a brighter and more vivid look that can not be replicated by other brands.

Shu Uemura is calling this technology, color fidelity. This lipstick stays on true to the color that you see in the case. It has an extraordinarily rich texture and goes on smoothly with a ceramide shield that locks in moisture for up to eight hours. Shu Uemura is so confident that this pure color lipstick will be a success they are discontinuing all other lipsticks in their line. Rouge Unlimited is currently available in 48 shades and six artist shades that help you customize your own color. This is what the artist colors are intended to do:

  • white - lighten colors
  • blue - soften bright colors
  • purple - deepen and enrich colors
  • green - neutralize and mute colors
  • yellow - add a golden/peach effect
  • black - darken the overall tone of the color