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Simply Fab: SkyRoll Roll-Up Garment Bag

I first saw this, SkyRoll Roll-Up Garment Bag, $109, on "The Big Idea: Donny Deutsch." You should have seen me; I went crazy trying to find a pen and paper to write it down to tell you all about it! It's the world's first roll-up garment bag and though it doesn't look too amusing in photos, it's genius! (Check out the video).

What's so cool about it? Well firstly, unlike traditional garment bags, it is convenient to carry while traveling. You just toss it over your shoulder and voila. Secondly, because your clothes are rolled and not folded, wrinkles are thoroughly minimized! I love that because I rarely feel like ironing while on vacay. Throw a couple of your lovely dresses in there and hop to it!

Learn more about how SkyRoll works.

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