Sneak Peek!  Madewell's Fall Collection
Sneak Peek! Madewell's Fall Collection

We already got a sneak peek at J.Crew's Fall collection and now it's Madewell's turn. The more affordable sister line's Fall collection draws inspiration from New York City’s galleries and architecture.

The preview reveals sketch-print tees inspired by an artist’s notebook, brushstroke-print dresses, and grey denim that represents the concrete found throughout the city. Loose tunic tops, a fitted blazer, brightly printed scarves and lots of yellow hues round out the offering.

If these appeal to you, don't forget to check out what Madewell has in stock for Spring — there's no e-commerce yet, but you can always do it the old-fashioned way and call your order in!

To see a few more Madewell Fall looks,



Don't love the first look, but I love the other three. Madewell has some cute pieces!!
no thanks.
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