So many inspirational modeling poses out little time. Well, Fab is making the time to attempt some of the challenging poses found in our favorite fashion mags like Vogue, Elle, Bazaar, Teen Vogue, W and more. The question is: are you up for the challenge?

I will always start you off by imitating a difficult pose and then I want to see you try. Subscribe and then post your photos in the Strike A Pose! group and for this week's pose tag it with "Strike A Pose Challenge 1." I will select the best attempts and feature them on Fab! And the winning post will receive a FabSugar tee to pose away in 24/7.

I'll start off with this nearly-impossible pose featured in Teen Vogue's September issue. Doesn't it look like the model's head is turned around to her back? Needless to say, after many attempts, partysugar helped us out with her sharp Vogueing skills. Now it's your turn...let's see what you've got fellow posers!