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Style For Style: A Cutting Edge Solution to Slippery Soles

Hot shoes like this Roberto Cavalli Oil Slick Bootie Pump, $905, are only hot if you can actually wear them. I'm sure most of you have had this problem: you excitedly put on your new favorite shoes, only to find that the soles are so slippery, you feel unstable everywhere you go. That is simply unacceptable, especially since you paid so much money for those gorgeous puppies. The whole world needs to see them, but what the world doesn't need to see is you falling flat on your face!

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Yup, you're staring at a pair of Fiskars Nonstick Bent Scissors, $13. I know the thought of putting scissors near your new shoes is scary, but trust me on this one. Take the scissors and make a few large "X"s on the soles. That should take care of the problem. And don't worry, this doesn't count as abuse!

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