Vintage is always a gamble - not just because you're putting something that was fashionable many years ago back into rotation, but also because the fabric of the garment has been around the block a few times.

Vintage fabric can be a lot more fragile than new fabric. I bought this beautiful silk dress from the circa 1950 a couple of months ago, and the first time I wore it, the sleeves tore and disintegrated - the fabric just couldn't take the stress.

The beloved Topshop put together a great little vintage care guide that I wanted to share with you - I will definitely take their advice so that no more of my vintage finds fall apart! Especially since they know a thing or two about vintage with their newly launched Topshop archive.

To see how to take special care of your vintage treasures,

  • Keeping garments in plastic covers can be harmful to fabrics - clothes need to breathe!
  • Direct sunlight can discolor and age fabric, so make sure to hang your vintage pieces in a dry, dust-free, dim place.
  • Fabric, padded, or wooden hangers will prevent unwanted stretch marks and lines from forming on your clothes.
  • Wash your vintage according to its specific fabric needs, but it's best to either dry clean it or bring it to a vintage specialist, unless you're really confident in your cleaning skills.
  • Repeated washing can damage clothing fibers, so to keep your garments in the best possible condition, wash them as little as possible!
  • For garments that are too delicate to be hand-washed, hang them in a room with a bowl of white vinegar for a few days, allowing the vinegar to absorb any odors (woah).
  • Underarm stains, which sometimes come with a vintage piece, can be removed by dabbing the spot with white vinegar or lemon juice.

To see even more great tips for vintage care, go here!