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Style For Style: Freeing Leather of Wrinkles


Before ordering my new favorite faux leather jacket, I had never thought of ways to get wrinkles out of leather. It was only when the box arrived, and I found my poor jacket wrinkled from being packed so tightly, that I felt the need.

With Fall upon us and leather items, like this Kenna-T Leather Mini Skirt ($264), being major must haves, it's important to know how to free them of the ugly wrinkles they get.

To learn how I freed my leather jacket of wrinkles,


Since you can't iron leather, I put my brain to use. A light bulb went off and I ran for the dryer. I turned the temperature to the lowest setting possible (I didn't want to start a fire) and threw my leather jacket in for a one-minute spin. When I took it out, it was considerably less wrinkly. Fabulous. I put it in for another 30 seconds to get the last of the creases out. Feel free to use this technique on any leather item that becomes wrinkly. Just make sure you don't leave it in for too long, as you don't want your leather to melt!


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