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Style For Style: Gum Gum, Go Away

Proenza Schouler at ShopStyle

After the following experience, I vow to never toss out my gum on the floor again. I was ordering a drink at a nice bar recently when I felt my shoe sticking to the ground. Shoot, I stepped on gum. How did that happen? No time to dwell, I had to get the gum off, pronto. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I wasn't wearing this swoon-worthy Proenza Schouler Elastic Wrap Sandal ($595), but I was wearing a newly purchased shoe I love.

To see how I took care of the situation,


  • First I grabbed a napkin from the bar and used it to remove as much of the gum as possible. I didn't throw out the napkin just yet.
  • I then asked the bartender for an ice cube and used it to rub the surface of the remaining gum until it was fully wet.
  • Finally, I used the gum from inside the napkin to blot the stuck gum with it. Voila.

If you happen to have a jar of peanut butter on hand, you can also use this technique:

  • Grab a butter knife and a jar of peanut butter, preferably without nuts.
  • Spread a thick coat of peanut butter all over the area with gum. Allow it to sit for five minutes.
  • Take a scrub brush and scrub the peanut butter/gum until it's almost gone.
  • Wash what is left on your shoe in the sink.
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