We girls need to be careful when it comes to wearing mini skirts. Actually, in general we need to be careful when wearing any item of clothing that reveals a large part of our body. I cringe when I see girls wearing mini skirts wrong; a mini can be classy when worn correctly. Here are some tips to look cool in a mini:

  • Rule of thumb: keep it sleek by counteracting its inherent sexiness with some not quite as sexy items
  • On top, choose something more tame than a skintight tank or revealing blouse - wear a frilly blouse or a loose cami with a cool blazer.
  • Footwear should be minimal. I love minis with flats but if you need some height keep the heels chunky, as seen here at Derek Lam's Spring/Summer collection.
  • As for Fall footwear, same rule applies, and whether you wear a mini with tights or not, a flat knee boot or wedge boots are the perfect accompaniment.