If you're anything like me, your bangle collection is taking over your entire vanity. It's hard to find a decent home for bangles, especially if they're overly chunky, like these Ciro Collecizone Dimensional Bangles ($48 each). And since they're so pretty, I feel bad sticking them in drawers where no one will see them (and I will forget about them). I found a solution that will organize my bangles and showcase them to the world at the same time.

To learn how to showcase your bangles,

Don't freak out; you're looking at an Athena Wall-Mount Paper Towel Holder ($25) because this is how you're going to keep your bangles under control. The Container Store recommends mounting the paper towel holder on your wall and sliding as many bangles as possible where the paper towel would normally go. Genius, right? I think so!