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Style for Style: What to Wear Under Backless Tops

Last week, I featured fabworthy dresses and tops with back details from Urban Outfitters, like this Lux Keyhole Back Flutter Dress, on sale for $40 (originally $58). Many of you expressed that you wouldn't be able to wear them because of the bra strap issue. Most of us aren't comfortable with going bra-less, so I completely understand your concern. I pondered how I may be able to help you and good old Victoria's Secret came to my rescue!

To see my solution to backless dresses and tops,

I once had a backless dress and wouldn't dare wear it without a bra. This Victoria's Secret Adhesive Underwire Plunge Bra, on sale for $36 (originally $48), really saved me. The genius thing about it is it has support cups so that your breasts don't feel like they're falling and bouncing all over. It's backless so people won't even be able to tell that you're wearing a bra. It comes with adhesive, which you stick on the clear parts of the bra and then stick it to your body. You can use it up to 10 times so it's well worth the money.

Oh, and for you big-busted gals, they have sizes up through D. Hopefully now you won't be afraid to put on sexy backless tops and dresses!

StokedShortee StokedShortee 10 years
i have this dress and i wear a regular bra with it...
xMiss-Worldx xMiss-Worldx 10 years
oleee! thank you for the solution! :D
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
LaLa77 - you need to start your own bra-sewing service! That's genius but I don't know how to sew and what you described is everything I'm looking for!!
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 10 years
Whiplash Girl - I couldn't agree me. I need support and support comes through straps...I can barely do regular strapless bras without the bra sliding down throughout the day and flattening my boobs.
sartorialgal sartorialgal 10 years
hey what about the VS 100 way bra, you could adapt it to the low back halter version and get some support for the girls up front!
tickintime tickintime 10 years
Great Idea!! I saw someone wear a shirt similar to the back of this dress. She had an old ratty beige bra showing. Had she worn a bright newer looking bra it would have not looked as bad.
nati nati 10 years
great idea lala77!.. We don't have VS in Argentina either! :(
mlen mlen 10 years
i'm so small i can go braless most times- though i might check these out for times i want a little more coverage (if the shirt isn't made of a t-shirt material!)
butterfly7 butterfly7 10 years
Agree, go with the low back bra(hit almost at waist).
Ms_Magnificent1 Ms_Magnificent1 10 years
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I never really trusted those backless tops, I'm a D cup and I would rather not chance it....
imogenisabelle imogenisabelle 10 years
I used one once when I was going to a friend's party - not a VS one and it didn't have the side bits - but I wasn't impressed. Like whiplashgirlchild thought, it didn't hold my boobs UP, it just made my boobs look like they were in a bra on the outside. Also, I was so scared it was going to come off and I kept pushing it back onto my chest, so I secured it with gaffa tape. But then at the party I was dancing and it was hot and I was a bit sweaty and it just started to slip off. In the end I gave up and went braless...
cocca cocca 10 years
i was always hesistant to try this also, but hearing that it does actually work, i might considering buying it for the next wedding i attend. thanks for the tip!
rc630 rc630 10 years
If you're wearing something where even the backless underwire won't work, VS also sells Adhesive Pushups, stick on U-shaped things, and they work pretty well, especially with formal dresses.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 10 years
I love showing off my shoulders and back, so this is great!
poetess poetess 10 years
juiceejuice juiceejuice 10 years
that's awesome
bigestivediscuit bigestivediscuit 10 years
lala77 - that's SUCH a good idea ... esp since i actually have an old bra i could totally experiment with. thanks for the tip!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
LaLa77, that is so resourceful, good for you! I would try it. It's better than wearing nothing, which is gross.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 10 years
I don't trust it. It might hold my boobs together in the front but there's no way it's going to hold them UP.
BeautifyMyLife BeautifyMyLife 10 years
I was VERY skeptical about this, since I have a larger chest. But I was in a desparate situation, so I tried the stick on bra and was pleasantly surprised. It stayed up all night, but I wouldn't recommend if you have very sensitive skin - the adhesive is pretty sticky.
Lala77 Lala77 10 years
this is great , but let me tell you what do I do when I wear backless tops :) I've cut the back of a bra a sew it to my top :D not brilliant but it worked :D you got to have an imagination when you live in Romania and there's no Victoria's Secret around :D :D
denimdiva denimdiva 10 years
I have this bra and it works great! Perfect for backless dresses!
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