Has anyone else been hiking up their hemline this Summer? With the plethora of dress options, I can't resist! It was time for me to show off my stems and I think every woman should chuck their jeans aside and give a dress a twirl. After all, Fall is right around the corner and fresh variations of hosiery are soon to be all the rage so let your legs BREATHE!

However, there is an enemy when you choose to don a loose trapeze dress or sassy mini dress: a mighty wind. While some people probably wouldn't mind a little sidewalk show, it's a major fashion fax paus to flash your under-business (as exhibited by too many starlets in recent years). I say: be prepared for the wind beneath your mini dress with some cute, flirty under options.

  • My fail safe is to wear a pair of full-coverage bootie shorts, or cute girlie boxers, underneath my skirt and over my underwear; I never want to be that girl who trips and falls on my ass, baring my ass. Plus, you can play with patterns and show a little something unexpected - in a good way.
  • If your skirt is light colored, wear a pair of nude boy shorts.
  • If you don't mind a little peekaboo, a pair of ruffled panties are certainly more acceptable than commando!
  • A super cute option: bloomers! They evoke a sweet sultry farmer girl vibe.
  • For a more street or casual look, bust out a pair of denim cut offs.
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I now send you off in your little skirts fashion-ready and wind-ready!