We're constantly looking to reinvent the way in which we style our most beloved items of clothing — that is, without having to endure the consequences of a costly shopping spree. By combing through the arsenal of chic Fab community looks and tapping into our editors' fashion prowess, we've whipped up an easy way to soup up your wardrobe with just a quick trip to the back of your closet. Today, let's go bold and vibrant: mix-and-match cool color combos.

  • The best part about colorblocking is, hands down, its endless potential for fun, playful, and totally unexpected color matchups. This may be a good time to brush up on the ol' color wheel. Some of our favorite complementary pairings are: minty green with bright tangerine, deep violet with saffron yellow, and neon pink with crimson red.
  • Use these color combos to emphasize your shape and your strong knowledge of silhouette proportions. We love seeing contrasted hues against a long-short hem or in the mix of soft vs. hard structural edges.
  • To execute this look, it takes almost no effort at all. Find your favorite colorful pieces and pair 'em up. The effect is striking, but super simple to achieve. Whether it's a colorblocked sweater-and-jeans combo or a sweet juxtaposition of a bold dress over opaque tights, it's a zippy way to spice up a look.

Photos courtesy of Smileforstyle, BrittandWhit, and Erikets