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Stylish DIY Costumes For a Fashionable Halloween

Dress Your Best This Halloween in These DIY Fashion-Forward Costumes That Are Seriously Stylish

Halloween costumes can be as stylish, cute, and fashion-forward as you make them, so put your closet to use! From outfits you've been saving for a special occasion to pieces of clothing you haven't thought twice about, your closet is full of costume options that are just waiting to be discovered. Whether you want to dress up as the "it girl" from your favorite flick or you want to put your sparkly bra to use (cue Selena's song "Dreaming of You"), these DIY costumes will make your Halloween a fashion-forward affair that's sweeter than candy.

Take a peek at the most stylish costume ideas for 2019, and get excited because you'll be able to wear these outfits long after Halloween.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano

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