The Fat Burner Body Wrap from Suddenly Slimmer Day Spa in Arizona is the trendy new way to lose unwanted inches. The spa treatment, which was just featured on the Tyra Banks Show this morning, costs $200 and helps to slim and detoxify your problem areas—particularly the hips and thighs. The process guarantees that you will lose anywhere from six to 30 inches in 60 minutes of treatment.

So how does it work? For the first 30 minutes, you will be wrapped in enzyme-soaked bandages which will help to break down fat. Then, you are treated with a mineral solution that aides in removing toxins from your body. The inches will stay away if you keep up with the treatments and avoid salty and sugary foods. Celebrities have been known to visit this luxe spa, and after losing a whopping 9.75 inches, Tyra was quoted as saying "These wraps really do work!" Call (800) 221-6793 or click here for more information.