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We all have past, present, and future obstacles. In high school, it was knowing who was a friend and who was a frenemy. Right now, it's getting parents off your back about finding a Summer job. In the future, it'll be finding the courage to confront the roommate who treats your dorm room like her personal laundry hamper.

While we can't help with the drama, we can introduce you to an all-in-one acne treatment that combats breakouts like nothing else. Neutrogena's All-in-1 Acne Control line clears up past, present, and future breakouts. With the clear skin you'll see from Neutrogena's new All-in-1 Acne Control, you'll be saying "Bring it on!" to the drama of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Take Control of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow  originally posted on POPSUGAR Beauty