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Angelina Jolie clearly thinks they are.


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Queenie0456 Queenie0456 8 years
There will always be people who do things to follow a trend or to fit in, but for most people (the people who took time to think about what their tattoo would mean to them before they got it) they really don't care whether or not its fashionable. You see, that's not the point..well it wasnt for me and it shouldn't be for anyone. My first tattoo I had picked out for 5 years before I got it done...and I have never regretted it once. I have had people blatantly tell me it's not there taste..or they like my other tattoo better or it should be this way or that way...but let me tell you, I don't care! Yes in some ways, tattoos are a self expression meant for other people, to be seen, but it is the way I view myself, the way I view my body, not the way society does.
JessiShaye JessiShaye 9 years
I like to think that my class (or classlessness) is independent of whether or not I chose to mark my body with my memories. When choosing mine though, I do try to take into consideration that others will inevitably have to look at them and try to make sure that they are a positive experience for others aesthetically as they are for me emotionally.
sallycinnamon sallycinnamon 9 years
it depends on the person and the tattoo!
madchie madchie 9 years
i really dont like angelina's but sometimes it looks adorable
Cris1192 Cris1192 9 years
I love tattoos, I can't wait till I'm old enough to get a few! If a tatto is fashionable or not sorta depends on who you are, for example if you're punk or a rock star then of course it's fashionable and I think it depends on what you have tattooed,like if you have a dollar sign tattooed in your inner thighs, then it's kinda trashy. But I guess in the end it's up to you
sweetasacid sweetasacid 9 years
I have two tattoos and i feel that hey are beautiful, i think that classy isn't what you have on your body but how you present yourself. You can have a naked pin-up on your body and still be classy in my eyes, because it is how u present yourself not the details that can be coverd, and it doesnt mean you need to have them covered my boyfriend is getting a tribute to his father on the back of his right shoulder and i feel that that significance overhauls a lot. In the case of angelina, many of her tattoos actually have a significance, like the prayers on her shoulder, and if she is confident about presenting herself with them openly, it can be classy. Personally for me and the tattoos i have, and the ones i will design in the future, they are all unique and placed in a way where i can present myself and i dont agree with the idea of a tramp stamp, if something makes a person feel good about themselves that should be all that matters
LittleMascara LittleMascara 9 years
It cut off the rest of my comment which was... Thanks for inspiring me to put some pics of my tattoos on my profile, Fab!
LittleMascara LittleMascara 9 years
I love tattoos. At the gym yesterday, whilst kicking and punching some imaginary opponent, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror(s) and noticed... I have a lot of tattoos! I consider myself to be classy, traditional, and professional. I'm also pretty f'ing rock and roll. Do all my tattoos have some deep sentimental meaning and complete stories behind them? No. Were they picked off of a wall or out of a magazine? No f'ing way (all my pieces were created for me, by me and my artist)! I enjoy art, and tattoos as art. What's the big deal? You only live once, and you only have one body. Quit being so uptight. <3 Thanks Fab, for inspiring me to put pics of my tattoos on my teamsugar profile =)
Mandy210 Mandy210 9 years
I love tattoos. I think that it also depends on why you get them. If they are symbolic then they are definitely a go for me. I know its now very trendy to have them and like everyone says EVERYONE has one. But I also once heard a quote... there are two kinds of people in this world, those with tattoos and those who fear them. (Not so true now that its been probably 7 or 8 years since I read that quote) BUT I believe its now become an individuality thing. I think its something that you will always carry with you and will always make you "YOU" and YOU chose to permanently put it on yourself. Whether you chose to put it somewhere to shout it out to the world or hide it just for yourself or to show those intimately close to you and to tell the story when need be, then I think its a great thing. Its an art form and so many fabulous artists make a wonderful living showing their stuff on skin. Then again there will always be those who get tattoos just to get tattoos and they don't really have much of a story to tell. Oh well... I'm writing a book.
dpbluiz13 dpbluiz13 9 years
A tattoo (out in the open) is ok, but you have to think about how it will look in 30 years, with your wedding dress, or in this case with a beautiful formal gown. NOT pretty! Just my opinion.
Kristinh1012 Kristinh1012 9 years
I love them. I have 4. Can't wait to get a new one. It will take a while though, its a big decision and it makes a huge difference I think when you don't just go get something slapped on you. But a lot of people don't like tattoos, everyone has their own views and opinions. I also think that it needs to be an upspoken hatred. Not your body, not your problem. I hate when people offer up their unwanted opinions. Some people who don't like them act as if you should be ashamed or you lack class because you have a tattoo(s). I think they are the people that lack class for not being able to mind their own business and not be so judgmental.
bexicle bexicle 9 years
Tattoos today are so passe, like somebody said bobs whole family have them thesedays, and bob himself scarred with a sketchy tribal design he picked out in a book 5 minutes before the needle shook his skin. Tattoos apparently originated from travellers so they could identify each other, like the red indians did, but this technique was also used by oppressive circuses and childrens orphanages (up until the 60s some orphans were tattooed with a small dot under their eye so they could be recognised). Where I come from a tattoo doesnt mean anything, everybody left right and centre has one so if you're going to get one it's important you choose something personal. I myself would never get one but I do like tribute tattoos and I think health awareness ones are a good idea, but 'stars' on hands(oh dear), cartoon characters, celtic symbols, pinup characters, etc are just bandwagon thoughts and at least leave it until you are 30, I'm only 18 but friends around 30+ who got tats at a young age all regret them. (including a homemade one done with a compass and ink cartridge)
silly_pickle silly_pickle 9 years
Not a fan of tattoos, especially those ones. The just seem to ruin the look of evening wear in my opinion. Tattoos got way to trendy, but I still like the idea of memorial tattoos, and ones with a meaning to the wearer. Some can be real works of art, but hers seem so random and scattered to me.
figurine figurine 9 years
Oh, I love her tattoos. Generally speaking, though, I don't really care. Most people I know who have tattoos have rather boring ones, but to each their own.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
mollym mollym 9 years
I know that this has been said, but ti think that if they are significant and meaningful they can be beautiful. if its somthing you got a 3 am bwiht your friends because you were drunk, maybe not so much. someone i know has a beautiful tatoo on the inside of her arm by her elbow that says hope from one side and faith from the other. it had a personal meaing and it was very pretty.
modelcitizen13 modelcitizen13 9 years
I love Angelina's tattoos- they are all significant to her and she's badass enough to pull them off. I like the right tattoos on the right person- and I do like tattoos on men. I have really strong reactions to women's tattoos- I either love them or think they are COMPLETELY trashy. I don't have any, but never say never.
haute77 haute77 9 years
generally i don't believe tattoos look nice on anyone. but, if you're as beautiful as angelina jolie, you can pull it off.
Professorluv Professorluv 9 years
I might get a teeny tiny one on like my ankle if i ever did get one! :p
Professorluv Professorluv 9 years
I second lizzylu! Plus Jolie looks trashy with those!
Blue-Tigerlily Blue-Tigerlily 9 years
I think it all depends on where the tattoo is placed. I love tattoos(I just got my second one this afternoon believe it or not), but I tend to dislike when a woman gets a tattoo on her bicep, thigh, or calf. To me it just seems too manly. If the tattoo is not going to look dated 19 years from when you get it..all tattoos are great, just not in those areas.
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
It really depends on what it is and where it is... oh and if it's done well and not crappy. Some peoples tattoos look like magic marker.
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
i believe it depends, like, Angelina's tattoos look just disgusting with her dress. her tattoos have ruined some of the best outfits. now if she had something nice and it a good area it could have worked out : )
leztnerp leztnerp 9 years
I think they can be nice, but not Angelina's. She's a beautiful woman, but those tattoos aren't doing her justice. I imagine a woman could have a tasteful tattoo.
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