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Last night after my relaxing hair cut (I love it, thanks for asking!), my pup and I cozied up on the couch and watched the Olympics opening ceremony. Did you? I multitasked and caught up on my gossip mags while watching, but I waited to see Team USA in their Ralph Lauren designed outfits.The whopping 650 American athletes looked dapper in navy blazers emblazoned with oversized Polo ponies, off-white trousers, broadcloth shirts, white twill newsboy caps and striped silk neckwear; men wore ties and the women wore scarves. The goal was to create "something simple enough for the athletes to put together, yet stylish enough to elevate us as a country," said David Lauren, the designer's son and the company's senior vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications.I thought the team looked Fab. However, I felt they all looked like men. Maybe the women could have worn flippy tennis-like skirts? These athletes have such amazing bodies, I would have liked them shown off better. And the newsboy hats, though adorable, were a bit distracting. I wanted to see the smiles and proud faces better. I guess we'll just have to wait and watch them in their body con swimwear and thigh exposing volleyball bootie shorts!


lilCROAT03 lilCROAT03 9 years
here's some pics for people who didn't get to see it all
Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 9 years
I didn't mind the unisex look. In fact I preferred it. They're athletes coming to a international platform to perform their best and I think thats what should stand out not their gender. With that said the irritation I feel comes from the "All American" look comments. "All American" is a narrow view of America, and despite my love for preppy, I think its tacky to continue to represent all of America via this very exclusive lifestyle associated with this kind of clothing. Plus I don't think the military feel or sheer amount of clothing is comfortable or friendly to other nations.
bangleshmangle bangleshmangle 9 years
Love the look for men. However, I think they could have added a more feminine touch to the ladies' uniform.
mommie mommie 9 years
since I didn't watch the opening I can't say. But, the white pants do stand out,I'll say that. Something to distinguish the women from the men might have been more interesting.
ambie_white ambie_white 9 years
i thought it was a great look especially representing for the US of A...but the part when you (Fab) talked about the the women i did not see anyting wrong with them at all. I mean the point was also to look like they are all united and Ralph did a great job. And do you see some of them in the crowd that did their own style also
Ellenora Ellenora 9 years
I thought they looked fabulous. I like how he made it so everyone looked the same as to represent one united country not divided by gender. Personally, I would have hated to be in a skirt (some of those looked incredibly stuffy) for hours. It may have been a few moments on screen, but those people were wearing those backstage for hours waiting for the Parade of Nations. I would have liked to be comfortable and they looked incredibly comfortable. Regarding to blazers, blazers have only one breast pocket\0 and it's always on the left. I've never seen a breast pocket on the right unless it's double breast pockets. Women typically don't have a breast pocket, but since was about unity it makes sense. It's crisp, clean and probably incredibly comfortable. The hats made sense too. I wouldn't have anyone seen my sweaty head. It probably was incredibly hot in the stadium.
SandyFeet SandyFeet 9 years
bontongirl I totally agree with you!! RL is the classic Americana designer. We looked classic and stylish. The only "fly in the ointement" was the Polo Pony on the breast pocket. RL did not need to advertise and it took away from the look. By the way the neck ties and scarves did have red in them. I love the look. GO USA!!!!!!!!!
cneums cneums 9 years
I thought they were just ok. My first impression was that they were the navy coming in...where was the red? Didn't like the hats, but did like the blazers. Agree that the women could have been different with skirts. Also, I think Bermuda shorts would have looked really good instead of the pants. RL didn't seem to take into account the temperature! Don't mind the logo as I didn't even notice it, and it such Polo style to have the logo somewhere.
Roccoco Roccoco 9 years
It was waaaayy better than what some other countries had on! I loved it, US were by far the best dressed.
magalaya magalaya 9 years
I hated it. I felt it didn't speak to what they did and where their passions laid, it looked like they were some prep school in a parade. What is wrong with simple, comfortable athletic clothing?
homer-j-simpson homer-j-simpson 9 years
Is this the US Olympic team or some private school kids at a pep rally? Nothing about these outfits say USA except that they were designed by RL.
mirmir4 mirmir4 9 years
i love the blazers! they're so chic. then again, this is totally my style, and i'm not surprised some people don't like it. WAY better than the cowboy hats from a few olympics ago.
angelinemarie angelinemarie 9 years
Ralph is an American staple, i love it.
emalove emalove 9 years
I thought everyone looked like men too, Fab...
omigosh omigosh 9 years
Oh and TrendyTurtle, there were plenty of teams that had women wearing skirts so I don't think that was a reason for the pants
omigosh omigosh 9 years
I thought they were one of the best dressed teams (this is coming from a Dutch person)! They had the classic American look, and they were stylish without being too boring. I didn't think it mattered that the men and women were dressed the same. That shows the strength of the design; it's diverse enough to be unisex. Congrats too Ralph Lauren and the USA for having such a great looking and strong team!
TrendyTurtle TrendyTurtle 9 years
I liked the outfits overall (even without the red). I think the skirt idea for the ladies would have been lovely too but I think it's possible they chose not to so they didn't offend any of the other countries present. Some cultures/societies still don't like women showing their bodies off, and at such a major world event it could have been seen as tacky to have the ladies even in tennis skirts. Just a thought...
juliarose23 juliarose23 9 years
love it. we look nice.
nidomilo nidomilo 9 years
love it....GO USA
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
liked the outfits, minus the giant logo, which i thought was tacky. i actually liked the women in pants. i would have hated to see flippy tennis skirts on them, mostly because i hate flippy tennis skirts, but also because it would have ruined the look that ralph lauren was going for.
Pheefs Pheefs 9 years
I thought they looked better in closeups than in the long walk shot (esp the ladies jacket, very cute close-up) but where's the color Red??
Fashion_Victim Fashion_Victim 9 years
come on, I loved USA outfits, they were one of my favourites) watch Russia-classic skirt and trainers look horrible together.=/// I have been disappointed.(((
lawchick lawchick 9 years
I agree with Fab -- white skirts for the women would have been better. Also I thought those caps were ridiculous.
Twinkle1 Twinkle1 9 years
More like a matter of hours. The opening ceremonies lasted quite a while.
cittypark cittypark 9 years
totally agree with you, PIPEEPOODLE! these athletes are representing us! no need to be insulting~ besides, they were only worn for a matter of minutes. AND can you think of any other fashion house who could have fully grasped that all american look as well?
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