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Teen Choice Awards: Hayden Panettiere

Isn't Hayden glowing? Here she at the 2008 Teen Choice awards wearing an elegant pink and white watercolor silk gown. The Heroes star accessorizes her look with a pair of equally stunning diamonds. Go Hayden!


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artfashionmusic7 artfashionmusic7 8 years
i love it! nice on her skin too...shes sooo pretty! love her smile! :D
emmebeth emmebeth 9 years
I agree with Isista. No one should bash a young woman for NOT looking trashy!
Isista Isista 9 years
Are you guys serious? Yeah, it's a mature look, but I think that the colour makes it totally appropriate for her. It's not over the top on cleavage and xosofiaxo, how can you say she's wearing too much makeup? It's very natural looking, and totally plays up her natural beauty. I love it. I'm glad she's wearing stuff that shows off a mature young woman as opposed to many stars her age.
buggyslice buggyslice 9 years
lovemoi lovemoi 9 years
what's with all the maxis this year???
emalove emalove 9 years
Ugh, I hate kind of reminds me of the horrible dress that LC was wearing...
chancleta chancleta 9 years
i love it i think it's lovely sophisticated and feminine go hayden! always classy!
LolaSvelt LolaSvelt 9 years
Prom dress gone wrong.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 9 years
spicyaroma spicyaroma 9 years
It makes her look soooooooo old, she does it all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she's wearing wayyyyyyyy to much make-up!!
nourhayaty nourhayaty 9 years
the dress is nice i like it but it not for her age
iheartstyle iheartstyle 9 years
i like her, but not her dress
Lala77 Lala77 9 years
She looks alright, but isn't this look to old for her ???
fashion4ward fashion4ward 9 years
Urg...I can't stand her and the dress is just not working.
shannydoots shannydoots 9 years
I agree completely with laura220 and couture yourself-- same dress with a shorter length would have been perfect.
angelstern angelstern 9 years
Hello there 35 year old..
couture-yourself couture-yourself 9 years
I like it, buuuut, she the same dress in a shorter version would've been cuter on her.
i do nottttttt like it. she's always dressing soooooooooooo much older on the red carpet. SHE'S FREAKING YOUNG, why is she trying to look like a mum for?
Merlin713 Merlin713 9 years
Show some leg! You're young and short! Geez.
robinesque robinesque 9 years
I like the dress and print, but it is a bit over the top for the event.
DecemberBaby DecemberBaby 9 years
I'm not really sure how I feel about the dress but I love her make up.
SweetFirefly SweetFirefly 9 years
Gorgeous! Not at all inappropriate.
lickety-split lickety-split 9 years
she looks great! very age and event appropriate :)
Berlin Berlin 9 years
It look summery and i missing what's inappropriate? its strapless but not throwing her cleavage out there, it's billowy up top and flowing, but skin tight is more appropriate?? so lost!
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