In theory, I like the idea of lip-plumping lip glosses, but in reality, they always seem to disappoint me: They either burn like hell or have little to no effect. But because I'm usually a big fan of the Freeze 24/7 brand, I recently got around to trying the pricey Freeze 24/7 PlumpLips IceSticks Lip Plumper, which I wrote about here. Freeze 24/7 has built a business on providing needle-free anti-aging treatments in the form of makeup and other cosmetics, and it claims that its lip plumper provides a pain-free alternative to collagen. But while the stuff may be less painful than injections, the experience was anything but pleasant.

When I first applied the sweet-smelling, super-shiny gloss, it lent my lips a cinnamony tingle not unlike DuWop Lip Venom, available here. But unlike DuWop, which reddens lips with very little discomfort, the Freeze 24/7 PlumpLips made my mouth feel like it was on fire. When I finally reached for a mirror, the border around my lips was red and splotchy like I'd just eaten a jar of jalapenos. I finally just washed it off with a damp cloth to get the ugliness to go away. Not exactly the look I was going for. Plus, for a product priced so high—it's available for $42.50 here—that just doesn't seem right. But I'm wondering if anyone else has tried this lip gloss and, if so, what you thought of it. Tell me below!