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>> Tom Ford just finished editing his first feature film, A Single Man, with Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, and Matthew Goode — still no release date for this year — and although he's not supposed to be talking about the movie, he slips a few details to the Times UK.

When he told Julianne Moore she was sweet to do his film, "She said, ‘I’m not doing it to be sweet. I like the script’. I’m sure she called her agent though to check it wouldn’t be career death.”  And despite his reputation for sexing things up in fashion, there's very little overt sex in A Single Man. Ford would like to do a film every three years — he finds it compatible with designing because it's so slow. “And a lot of the processes are the same.”

The man seems to be in the midst of changing sensibilities: instead of his usually stringent diet, he admits that he's currently five pounds overweight because he ate a lot of doughnuts during filming.  The Botox is down to a minimum, and sex is not so much his thing anymore: “I hate talking about sex. Thing is, people look much better naked. They’re all the same colour and they can’t screw up. You see someone at the gym and they look great. Then they put on their clothes.”

No more runway shows, either »

Runway shows, too, are a relic of his past:

I won’t be doing shows. Ever. Again. I don’t want my designs to be shaped by journalists any more. Do you know why I launched this menswear line? Because I couldn’t find anything to wear. That whole obsession with youth, with new, new, new — it’s giving us clothes no one can wear. As for the business model that I followed at Gucci — the new this, the It that, the let’s get it on a celebrity and shoot her in front of a logo, it was getting old then. Now it’s really old.

He says the only critic's approval he wants now is that of his partner of 23 years, Richard Buckley. “Unfortunately, Richard hardly ever has anything nice to say about my work. It’s my mother all over again. In psychoanalytic terms, it’s called the horrible familiar.”

Maybe more horrible than the horrible familiar?  Ford's morbid planning for the future.  The Times UK reports:

Not so long ago, when Tom Ford was planning his funeral — he is very meticulous about everything — he thought that he might like his ’n’ his matching sarcophagi for him and his partner . . . Richard Buckley. So he asked the architect of his Santa Fe house to draw up some plans. But now he’s thinking maybe no to the sarcophagi and that a more stylish solution might be 'simply evaporating'. . .
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