These throwback, 50-year-old Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses made quite a strong comeback in '06. We all remember a young Tom Cruise dancing around in these bad ass glasses in the cult flick Risky Business. And I distinctly remember crushing on Robe Lowe sporting these when I was a wee lassie.

Wayfarers were also the shades of choice in the music biz once upon a time. Famous singers such as: Madonna, Johnny Cash, The Blues Brothers, Bob Dylan and The Smiths also helped made these sunglasses iconic. Nowadays several the hot young celebs like Mischa Barton, Sienna Miller and Kirsten Dunst are wearing them.

The original black, smaller frame style caught the eye of Mary-Kate Olsen who apparently traded in her immensely over-sized ones for this more feminine frame. Coming this January, the smaller frame model will be back on the shelves selling for $130. Try calling your local Ray-Ban retailer to place a pre-order for the smaller frame originals. In the meantime, the the larger frame Ray-Ban Sunglasses are available for $114.99.