Wasn't there a point in time when people didn't think black and blue went together? Seeing as how the most common colors associated with a bruise are "black and blue" I don't really understand how people thought these colors didn't complement each other. Together, they create a dark mystique that oozes cool and collected. I have spotted this color combo on several starlets as of late and I'm totally into it. These three looks in particular are all very different, but all work, proving that black and blue is pretty versatile. Blast those naysayers who said it couldn't work!

The common denominator in two of these looks is layers. All three decided to go with noir shoes - probably the best way to work it. As well, the blue is more navy and moody; although bright blue works and sequins do too! This trend will take you into the Fall and beyond - but kbella already knows this!

To see my black & blue outfit,

Lauren Moffatt Sleeveless A-line Dress, $273.

J. Crew Ella patent-leather T-strap flats, $118.

bebe Basket Shawl Cardigan, $80.

Flynet and Source