The latest trends in denim have been very interesting. You have the young'uns doing the gladiator tuck, gorgeous women wearing their man's baggy jeans, and a variety of denim nip/tuck. This just proves how creative the all-American fabric can be. Whether it's old-fashioned pegging or preppy cuffing, or a mix of both, this trend has me nonplussed. I don't like the look on a baggier jean — see Katie Holmes — but I do like a more laid-back subtle cuff, a la Rachel Bilson. SJP was playing with her jean hemlines months ago, going bike messenger style with the one cuff on one leg. Here's some guidelines, but my advice is: Show off stunning shoes, keep proportions in control, and do not leave the house if you aren't comfortable with your newfound nip/tuck.

Source and Pacific Coast News Online