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Trend Alert: Gray Bags

Whether it's a hobo or a tote adorned with brass hardware or silver bling, a gray leather handbag is an incredibly hot accessory for fall. Much like teal handbags, gray bags are extremely versatile and can be worn with outfits that are predominantly black or brown or even multicolored. Here are some of my favorite gray handbag finds, at both designer and non-designer prices.

Goldenbleu Jordan in Light Grey, $656, available here.

Betsey Johnson Handbags Betsey's Royalty Bowler, $253.95, available here.

BCBGirls Bleeker Hobo Bag, $198, available here.

To see the rest,

Jessica Simpson Handbags Alpine-Shopper, $231.95, available here.

Not Rational Handbags Christina Bag, $219.95, available here.

Aldo Lakewood Bag, $39.99, available here.

Tote with Square Buckles in Gray, $26.99, available here.

Join The Conversation
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
love this trend
shoesaddict shoesaddict 10 years
H0T-Tamale H0T-Tamale 10 years
hahaha! your too funny Jenna .i like the bags but not realy in gray :(
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
Way to plan ahead teddy!
teddybear teddybear 10 years
I bought my grey bag in July and it's sitting in my closet waiting for December. All set.
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
I love the Betsey Johnson one!
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Good night, Layla :) LOL @ camp pimpson's bag being on the clearance rack at Ross.... :P
jennifer76 jennifer76 10 years
Night Layla!!
atoxicsparkle atoxicsparkle 10 years
night layla!
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
Okay guys hubby is home and I finally get to go to bed in a decent time. Nite guys and I will talk to you all later :wave:
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
Give it time Jenna, that purse will be at Ross on discount, just like her shoes.
JennaV JennaV 10 years
Is someone REALLY going to pay 200+ for a Camp Pimpson bag? PUH-leez....
LaylaCams LaylaCams 10 years
I like gray being a new color for fall. Remember when teal was the new color. Whew it was EVERYWHERE.
Toronado Toronado 10 years
I kinda dig the Jessica bag. I like the trim. The Betsey bag is nice.
ann_fancy ann_fancy 10 years
Jessica Simpson shouldn't be allowed to design things
Daisy6264 Daisy6264 10 years
I own 200 purses. I love these.
lilxmissxmolly lilxmissxmolly 10 years
I love every single Betsey Johnson bag ever made, but I'm not so sure about the rest.
LaLaLola LaLaLola 10 years
The Betsey is very cute, The Aldo isn't too shabby either
Lakey Lakey 10 years
I usually like a colorful bag to spice up my outfit, but some of these bags are making me re-think my policy. Some of these are really nice!
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Jess really wants 200+ for that bag? Is that a joke? Hun there selling ur bag at walmart for 10 bucks get a clue. @@ I need that eye roll smiley
t0xxic t0xxic 10 years
Love the betsy but hate the price.
azucar_maddy azucar_maddy 10 years
I like the Goldonbleu (that sounds like the name of a cheese or mustard, no?) and the Betsey Johnson... i'm always partial to Ms. Johnson though!
L7amiguita L7amiguita 10 years
Ohhhh....I love the Betsey Johnson and BCBGirls Bleeker Hobo bags!
ann_fancy ann_fancy 10 years
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