We have been trying to convince you that shorts are an of-the-now option to expose your stems this season. The itty-bitty jean short is actually quite a classic - if you consider the siren who brought the item to fame: Daisy Duke. Now, I would call these Daisy Dukes but these itty-bitties are not necessarily butt cheek flaunters. Young Hollywood has chosen to wear these with tunics or long tees that just graze the hem of the short creating the illusion of wearing a very short dress - but then you have the safety of coverage underneath, albeit itty bitty. Lindsay, Nicole, Mischa, and myself are all fans - are you?

To see a couple of my current faves, (although you could always attempt a DIY project),

Old Navy Women's Denim Lace-Up Shorts, $20.

Paper Denim & Cloth Denim Short Short in Glory Days, $61.

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