Ruffles, ruffles glorious ruffles! You know you're a girlie gal when you have a thing for ruffles. In this week's Life & Style we see which celebs favor this feminine detail. I'm actually a ruffle minimalist; I prefer it on clothes, rather than accessories, then again I do spy a pair of ruffled d'orsays I showed you last week. So don't mark my words; I can always be romanced, especially when it comes to shoes!

To see my (subtlety) ruffled picks,

J.Crew Seaside linen-cotton dress, on sale for $40 (originally $60). Thanks for finding this WhiplashGirlchild! I do love me some pom poms!

Cynthia Steffe Ruffled Toile Shirt, $195. I'm also a pattern minimalist, but there's something about a Toile print that makes me feel so 19th century French countryside. La vie en rose!