I am in a trend alert lull. Don't get me wrong - there are always enough trends to go around. But you see, we're at this point in the season where the Summer sales are dwindling down but we're being romanced by the new collections in the glossy mags - though items are not yet fully in stores.

I'm ready for Fall! There, I said it. I'm not necessarily ready to shop (or ready for the weather) but I'm ready to feature the new trends and fresh Fall offerings. While in this fashion flux, I was browsing through the Fashion Fix Runway Style group and thought it would be fun to zero in on some of the more dramatic Fall trends to see if you all dig them, loathe them and, most importantly, are inspired by them.

Let's begin with a little plumage shall we? Feathers floated, flocked and freaked out on the runways. While I think the luxurious lightweight material can add a certain something to a hem or lovely texture, I'll take my plumage Louis Vuitton style (middle). While it is quite elegant for evening, as exhibited by Marchesa (left); it can also leave you looking like a freak show, like on British designer Giles' runway (right). A trend I think only the wealthy or red carpet worthy will end up pulling off - I am already fearing feathery knock offs. Does this trend ruffle your feathers? Or are you feather ready?

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