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Trend Report on Outerwear

The Faces Of Fall Outerwear

Today we bumped into a gallery of some outerwear options for Fall 08 and found ourselves daydreaming of the possibilities. Alas, we experience this song and dance every season. First we draw up an ideal fall wardrobe, the coat being an integral part of this scene, and shortly after the beloved purchase is made it finally gets cold. We will acknowledge the fact that some places do not get as cold as others and that some people need not walk fifteen blocks from the subway to their apartment but in New York, we do. That said, the coats we buy in September hardly ever make it past the holiday season and maybe, you know, that's fine. We're just saying. Or maybe, you never know, we could think ahead and skip the chic short-sleeve number in favor of something more substantial. Being chic, in any context, means dressing appropriately and yet having your own sense of style. Maybe this season we'll try to think ahead, and leave those coveted short sleeve numbers for the Californians. Below, our best guesses at what might help you brave a harsh winter in New York. Sigh, and below that, the coats we really wish we could wear as our winter jacket.

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