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Tunic From Summer to Fall

Tuck into A Tunic

The tunic is a silhouette whose popularity has waxed in recent years thanks to a certain socialite and a popular television host. With August just around the corner the tunic is an easy end of summer purchase. A bright tunic just begs to go over a ratty bathing suit feeling worn from too many trips to Montauk or your friend's rooftop pool(or wait, is it our thighs that need the trompé l'oiel). Community member Season Five Style however is already thinking towards fall with her tunics. Repurposing old dresses to create a tunic and pant combination is on her agenda for Fall. Alternations obviously make more sense if you hope to find a tunic that works in fall colors, but if you aren't up for a little DIY or tailoring fun, we think there is no reason not to enjoy summer tunics right now. Some fresh Pucci over a nice khaki pant ought to keep the idea serviceable through September. But honestly its August and all we want to do is throw on a terry tunic and hit the beach. Thinking ahead to fall is far too taxing a project.
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