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Unabashed product placement

Unabashed Product Placement! DIY Tips!

If you want the goods in our The Sun Doesn't Care photo shoot you can have them at anywhere from zero to eight hundred dollars. You can also have them for Resort 09. Yep, we're all over the map this week. Our spread below includes those current season goodies in our shoot courtesy of Shopbop--all will undoubtedly work for fall (heck, some of them are fall). From the pink sequin ombre frock to the elegant purple blouse, it's all up for grabs. As for the clothing in the shoot not shown in the spread below, well that's Pencey and we'll be bringing you the low-down on that line and the Resort collection later today.

Finally, anything randomly ombrized (oops, we just made up an awesome word) well, that's our styling skills with the help of e-commerce aficionado and former Anthropologie display coordinator, Stephanie Draves. From the chain and feather necklace, to the purple rope necklace, and its matching ascot necktie, it came from us--we dip dyed in our bathroom until the wee hours of the morning with the help of Ms. Draves. There's not too much DIY advice to give aside from making sure you don't splash your roommate's white towels with a giant orange ombre bow (soaking wet). We just hope that you take our interpretations as encouragement to embrace the sweltering weather, buddy up, and get wild with some drug store dye.

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