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Victoria Beckham Is a Re-Outfitter!

Posh just keeps getting more and more down-to-earth, it seems. I know I'm not the only one whose heart she stole the other night on her TV special Victoria Beckham: Coming to America; she was so likeable, witty and devoted to her family. Her razored blonde do has grown on me & she's like a British Barbie-doll. Alas, Victoria is a re-outfitter!

I was that girl in high school who never wore the same outfit twice - I kind of still am. What can I say: I'm a clotheshorse! And what I would give for a tour of the British babe's closet, but it appears she plays favorites and isn't afraid to be caught in a very similar look. She just wore this casual (for her) grey look with her little men and she wore a similar look back in February - (slightly different top, another pair or heels). The off-shoulder heather grey loose sweater, grey jeans and killer stilettos is an official Posh look. Major.

Bauer-Griffin and Flynet

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haraan haraan 7 years
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lulukizinha-130 lulukizinha-130 7 years
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laluna27 laluna27 9 years
Good! Finally someone in Hollywood isn't being so wasteful!
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 9 years
She needs to throw that shit away.
Alexa-B Alexa-B 9 years
It looks fine on her & it just shows she likes the outfit!
Aura1 Aura1 9 years
What is she supposed to do, wear it then burn it? She can toss everything including the shoes my way when she's worn her clothes once.
justlookaround justlookaround 9 years
she is always so elegant
SugarGirl12 SugarGirl12 9 years
it's not the same outfit and even if it was then what?
extremely_posh extremely_posh 9 years
She looks great in that outfit, and she wants to repeat what?
paradisee paradisee 9 years
i dont think ther are the same they have different sleeve but it doesnt matter i'm like her biggest fan or sth. like that but i'll admit that she ALWAYS look stlyish and she has a killer body 4 a women with kids ^^
to_enthrall to_enthrall 9 years
Re-outfitter! But its a nice simple everyday outfit.
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
Little changes (i.e. shoes,purse swap) make outfits completely diff.
First, these are different outfits, but then hey, WHAT if they weren't??? I don't get it. :o I'm slightly disappointed by this article in fact...
Tari007 Tari007 9 years
The reality show was pretty funny. I fell off the couch when that crazy lady did her dolphin impersonation. Victoria impressed me but I am already tired of reading about them.
Phebevenus Phebevenus 9 years
same outfit; different tops! i think she's great.
Precious04 Precious04 9 years
She is so little!! She needs to wear some different pants but very cute and who cares if they wear the same thing twice! you know they are just like us
aurora420 aurora420 9 years
didn't we do this look in the 80's? flashdance?
heatherj78 heatherj78 10 years
Not the same shirt, jeans or shoes...just the same overall style. Love her! Her show was MAJOR! LOL!!! I want to see more of her on the tv.
mom2 mom2 10 years
how does anyone literally wear a different outfit every day unless you are a multi multi millionaire
loveforstacy loveforstacy 10 years
I guess it's a variation on the outfit...the jeans are clearly gray. Fabsugar: you're so lucky! so many I wish I didnt have to repeat outfits...
MissPretty MissPretty 10 years
No big deal its proly her abso FAV!!!
dmartinxoxo dmartinxoxo 10 years
Waiting 5 months to repeat the same look is OK by me.
tezlaakire tezlaakire 10 years
She doesn't seem very snobby though. I mean in interviews throughout the years she always seems to be funny and down to earth. Just pretty as hell lol.
crazygirl93 crazygirl93 10 years
That isn't the same shirt...
twiggychic3 twiggychic3 10 years
she is so cute!!! i love her sense of style and i definitely wish i had the body to pull off everything she wears. i have a huge wardrobe as well, but some days when you wanna feel comfy, theres that go to outfit that you know youll always look good in. this is probably victoria's! and its a good one too.
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