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Vivienne Westwood Chooses Pamela Anderson For 2009 Spring Campaign

Fab Flash: Vivienne Westwood Chooses Covergirl Pamela Anderson

Vivienne Westwood instantly took a liking to Pamela Anderson's "quirkiness" after meeting the former Baywatch babe at a party. The Dame liked her so much, she inked a six-figure deal with Anderson to be the face of her 2009 Spring campaign.

"I can't speak about it yet. But anything I would say would be completely positive" said Westwood. Details to come but sources revealed the campaign was shot in LA last week. "Vivienne and a team of stylists and photographers jetted to Los Angeles last week to shoot Pammie," said an unnamed insider.


miwitch miwitch 7 years
COOL!!! Cant wait to see more!
lxmfashionista lxmfashionista 8 years
It was either 02 or 03 Pammy was in an editorial spread in W wearing Helmut Lang - that was back in the day when he designed under his name - and she actually looked really great. Why is it that at 40 your behavior should change? If u r whack at 20, you will probably be whack at 80.
oilinwater oilinwater 8 years
Pammies got the boobs & waist to rock a Westwood Corset amazingly. Pam at least has principles, and is a kind soul to animals. Jeeez why does everyone have to trash her? She's a free spirit, why should you stop being so at 40?
ziggy101 ziggy101 8 years
Yooowww... I love VW, but this pairing with PA. We'll have to see what comes of it ! Maybe she likes to push the envelope like she always does..
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
She seems like an odd choice...I just don't see why she would be chosen by Vivienne Westwood.
sham28 sham28 8 years
On the episode of The Girls Next Door where the girls celebrated Hef's birthday in Vegas, they planned to have Pamela surprise him and bring his cake. She came out completely naked and visibly trashed, teetering on stripper heels and kissed him all over his face. It was a very uncomfortable moment. She's 40 now, yes? I can't remember. And a mother of 2. But I don't know what Vivienne has in mind. Maybe it's kind of a MILF campaign.
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i basically love Pam Anderson...for an unknown reason...and obviously Viv can do no wrong...can't wait to see how the pics turn out!
Marni7 Marni7 8 years
thats what i was just going to say mommie
mommie mommie 8 years
Somehow I don't see Anderson paired with Westwood. Even with Westwood's avant garde style, I don't equate Anderson with it.
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 8 years
I've always been a bit indifferent to Pam An... but I'm looking forward to see how this comes out.
meringue meringue 8 years
What a picture, sheesh, both of these girls are a mess...
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