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From lush and lust-able red-soled stilettos to that classic chocolate brown leather bag you’ve been craving, Fall’s “it” list of wardrobe luxuries could tempt the wallet of even the most frugal fashionista. Which of the season’s most decadent styles would make your every day a little sweeter? Tell us and you could get $2,000 closer to wearing them by entering Renuzit’s Fall Fashion Indulgences Pinterest Contest.

With scrumptious-smelling scents like Chocolate Covered Cherries, Crème Brulee, and Red Velvet Cake, Renuzit®’s new Tempting Indulgences™ air fresheners are a guilt-free way to surround yourself in luxury. Let the aroma inspire your style selections and start pinning today!

To Enter:

  1. Create a Pinterest Board titled “My Fall Indulgences”
  2. Build out your board with at least 10 fashion finds that fit the theme
  3. Hashtag each of your pins with #renuzitindulgences
  4. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your “My Fall Indulgences” board

Good luck…and happy shopping!

Official Rules

monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
 @Paulina3120019 Congrats.  I'm so glad they finally let one of us know.  Congrats.  Do me a favor.  Spend it all in one place.  LOL
Paulina3120019 Paulina3120019 5 years
Thank you so much!!! I'm very shocked to be the winner of the Fall Indulgences challenge. <3  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Marie2924123 Marie2924123 5 years
Tweeted them again  Also, send FB message and sent them a message via the contact us.  So hopefully we will get a response soon!! 
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
 @Marie2924123 I don't see one yet.  Do you?
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
 @enrolanda I still don't see it.  Do you?
Marie2924123 Marie2924123 5 years
Hopefully on Monday they will pick a winner  :) 
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
 @Marie2924123  @fabsugar  fabsugar  popsugar  @popsugar  I don't see where  an announcment has been  either. I thought for sure someone would posted they won
Marie2924123 Marie2924123 5 years
 @fabsugar fabsugar popsugar @popsugar did you pick a winner yet??  
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
still adding to my board. win or lose, i've already bought 3 things off my board
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
in case u are interested i really want to win this:)
Ma2593669 Ma2593669 5 years
enrolanda enrolanda 5 years
 @monyhngry I guess you're right... but it also says: "The winner will be notified by a comment on the winner's “My Fall Indulgences” Pinterest board on or around August 29, 2012." "Winners must claim their prize within seventy-two (72) hours after the date of notification of such prize."  So it's kind of tricky...
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
 @enrolanda It say in the contest rules that a winner will be announce around August 29th, but I also noticed that the mail in participants have until by noon (PST) September 7th for the mail-in option to arrive in offices, so I'm thinking it probably going to be closer to the 7th before we know who won.
enrolanda enrolanda 5 years
Hello,   Did you announce the winner? I think is disrespectful for us since we commented directly on the poster. The time to claim the price expired or is about to... is it what this is all about? A contest should be transparent to the people who participates.   Do you guys agree?  
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
Is it crazy that Im checking my board  5 times a day to see if I won.  Does anyone know if they've announce it yet?
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
That can't be true.  It just has to be on mine.  Good Luck to us all though, I can really see that we are all able to spend the $2,000 with little problem.  @enrolanda 
enrolanda enrolanda 5 years
YES! on my board!!! ---> =P
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
They are going to announce the winner on the Pinterest page.  Right??
enrolanda enrolanda 5 years
Hello!!! Well, who's the happy winner??? =D
Rajee Rajee 5 years
Here is my entry  
monyhngry monyhngry 5 years
I've updated mine so many times.  I edging up on 50 pins.  Please take another look.
liane66 liane66 5 years
Here is mine:
Lisa14782018 Lisa14782018 5 years
Lots of fun "window shopping!"
amywebb amywebb 5 years
such a great contest!
Jenny3129449 Jenny3129449 5 years
my dream fall wardrobe...    
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