Here is Katie Holmes with ultra adorable Suri playing seaside in Cannes, France. Tra la la. Everything looks very fun and chic but wait - are those fabulous Christian Louboutin heels chosen as beachwear?! As one who just had a tropical escape, I am all about good 'ol flip flops when it comes to the beach. Katie does live the ultimate life of a jetsetter but the crunching of the Cannes beach pebbles against that signature soft red sole makes me cringe.

I've been to Cannes - it is not a smooth beach, even more reason to not wear heels, $600 at that, with your little babe. What if she misstepped and punctured little Suri? My mommie gene hasn't kicked in yet, but in the name of fashion, and safety, WTF?!

Side note: what do you all think of her black halter one-piece? I think it's very Bianca Jagger but too old for Katie...oh they grow up so fast.