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Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt

29 Ways to Style That Plain White T-Shirt in the Back of Your Closet

The white t-shirt: it's a staple in our wardrobes. Trust me, over the years I've filled my closet with variations of this classic piece — distressed, cropped, tight, baggy — you name it, I own it. While there are a million ways to wear them, I often resort to styling t-shirts in their most basic form, with a pair of slouchy jeans.

After turning to the fashion pros, I realized that with a little inspiration, transforming a plain shirt into an outfit worthy of an Instagram post is simple. Turn a sexy slip dress into office-appropriate attire by layering a t-shirt underneath, or tuck it into a midi skirt with a structured blazer for a runway-worthy look. Armed with these 29 outfit ideas and a crisp white t-shirt, getting dressed has never been so easy. Just scroll through and see for yourself.

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