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Wearing Equestrian Fashions

Landed Gentry

Fashion loves its privileges, from the support of its eccentrics to its disdain of frugality, fashion flaunts. A kind of delightful disregard for hiding foibles and desires permeates our culture. Each season we find new ways to explore this effort. And while we would never suggest that fashion suffers from a shortage of excess, this Fall we believe we have found a patch of ground in which we are missing out on a classic aristocratic joy.

What pray tell have we discovered that is a must have excess for Fall? Now, call us a little crazy but but one of our favorite fall traditions is the return of hunting season. And no we don't mean big game, though we do have a few elk hunters in our circle of friends (yes, really, and no not hipster weekenders), in fact we are referring to fox hunting. The landed gentry once enjoyd indulging in what Oscar Wilde once called "the unspeakable in full pursuit of the uneatable."

Now fashionistas, long proud of our sophisticated city lives have lost out on one of the marks of the upper classes. Yes lads and lassies, we think fashion is missing out profoundly when it comes to one of the privileges of country life. As urban fashionistas, perhaps we are victims of some long forgotten Enclosure Act, dooming us to pavement as our sole grounds. For really, what are the stylish hordes but the landless working class? Even in our consumptive frenzy, shock, have we become something at which Karl Marx would shudder?

Thus this Fall we are taking back the country with a little fox hunting flare. In our Top Five Trends For Fall photo editorial we featured a John Paul Gaultier Houndstooth Boot from eLuxury. This reinterpreation of a classic equestrian boot by a French designer has just the sort of theatrical ostentation that represents some of the best of fashion. It says, pish posh, I shall mix my privileges, associations, histories and cultures as I see fit. Its just the sort of attitude the landed gentry should have in this crazy relative world of ours.

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