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What Shoes Do Guys Find Attractive?

The Shocking Shoes Guys Think Are Sexier Than Wedges — and Why We Refuse to Accept It

When we unearthed a recent study saying that men deemed wedges the least sexy shoe a woman could wear (coming in ahead of Crocs and Uggs!), we were gobsmacked! Could this be true? Were the men surveyed actually insane?

But then as we got to thinking, we realized they were (kind of) right. It's not that wedges themselves are inherently unsexy, it's that you have to pick the right kind should you be in the market for blow-his-mind, bombshell shoes. We adore megaplatform pairs that propel us an extra five or six (or more!) inches skyward, but we can see how the overall effect might not be too dude friendly.

So, desperate to defend our beloved wedges, we searched through what's currently available and whittled down a few key guidelines for sexy wedges. Click through to see the new rules for wedge shopping.

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