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What Not to Wear to Work in the Summer

6 Things You Should Never Wear to the Office

What Not to Wear to Work in the Summer
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Once the Summer heat kicks in, it's all we can do not to slip into the breeziest beach dresses and flip-flops for the morning commute. So trust us when we say we understand that the humidity can have a powerful effect on your wardrobe — still, there are some things you just can't wear to your place of employment, no matter how hot it gets.

To help avoid any confusion that might arise from now through Labor Day, we're helping to set some basic rules for the Summer work dress code (after all, you already know what you shouldn't be wearing after college and outside of a music festival). So unless you work on the beach or at a water park, be advised, flip-flops and cutoffs just won't cut it at your 9-to-5 — and that's just the beginning. Scroll through for the six Summer looks you should never rock at your desk.

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